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INPREX brings you high throughput, High resolution and Accurate alignment. INPREX Into your Line

INPREX is the world's first exposure system with mass production-level throughput since 2005.
INPREX has realized overwhelming high resolution and throughput with a cycle time of 18 seconds for 510x610mm (200 prints / hour) and 15 seconds for 510x400mm (240 prints / hour). Unique functions like mechanical clamp, which reduce the production down time to flatten the warped boards mechanically, greatly improve the yield and productivity. INPREX is a new generation exposure system which realize both high resolution and throughput with proved stable performance in the various full-scale production lines.

* DFR sensitivity 13mJ/cm²,with 30W option of IP-3600

Product Information

Product name : INPREX IP-3600S [Standard type]

Pixel pitch : 2.5μm

Alignment accuracy : ±15μm

Product name : INPREX IP-3600H [High-end type]

Pixel pitch : 1.25μm / 2.5μm

Alignment accuracy : ±10μm

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